Dedicated to Serious Personal Training

Alameda Gym

Meet the Owners

We got our start running a small engineering and construction company and soon realized we’d better start thinking about our personal fitness to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We had belonged to gyms in the past; we were very dedicated at the start, but as we progressed we would become frustrated that all the machines were being used and we felt that we really did not know what we were doing. So, we would eventually stop going and end up wasting money on gym fees.

Well, we both decided to invest in personal training. Soon, our bodies transformed and our energy levels increased—We felt like we were in “high school” again!

We wanted our employees to enjoy the same health benefits we have been able to get through our personal training regimen so we created Concrete Body for that purpose.

Concrete Body’s Alameda gym generated quite some interest in the community and that’s when we decided we would open our doors to the public. Concrete Body’s personal trainers are here for you to change your life, increase your confidence, your energy level and give you strength needed to live a long healthy life!

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