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Getting Started

Interested in CrossFit but unsure if it’s for you?  Please contact us to try a free CrossFit class.


If you are ready to start, the first step is our Essentials Class.  In this class we will:

1.  Perform a movement assessment to identify restrictions or physical limitations.
2.  Learn how to properly execute the most common exercises in our program, including deadlifts, squats, and more.
3.  Learn about CrossFit gym safety and injury prevention.

You may be required to take Essentials multiple times before you are allowed into the regular CrossFit Workouts.  If you have prior CrossFit experience you may be able to skip the Essentials Class.


After the Essentials Class you will start the regular CrossFit Workouts and the fun begins! Typical CrossFit workouts may consist of strength work, skill work, running, flexibility, and endurance.  Your physical fitness will be constantly assessed, evaluated, and pushed.  Your weak areas will be addressed.  You will work outside of your comfort zone.  This is the process of forging elite fitness!


If you find you may need more specialized personal training outside of CrossFit– like sports conditioning or Olympic lifting– please contact us for more information.


Ready to start?  Click here and let us know!